Our Spraying Method

We use a low pressure, high volume application system thatdisperses 4.5 gallons per minute at 60psi. Using this type of system allows us to apply the stain at a very rapid rate. This is important because wood is very porous and will soak up the stain very quickly. If you've every seen a splotchy do it yourself job, a slow uneaven application is the reason. The most important thing during the spraying process is to ensure the wood is completely saturated. Therefore, we will use about 1 gallon of product per square foot of wood.


The wind is one of the things we have no control over, but makes staining very messy. Once it reaches 15 miles per hour, the risk of overspray becomes too great. We do not want to harm your outdoor furniture, windows, doors, sheds, swingsets, or other surounding objects. Moisture of the wood is another important factor. We use products derived from petroleum based materials (oil based) and they will not bond with the wood if it isn't dry. Wood will dry out at different rates according to it's age, how porous it is, and other environmental conditions. These are the two main factors for ensuring a sucessful application. We will have to consider both of these when scheduling the staining or sealing process.

Please Note

Staining is messy. Even though we will take all the necessary precautions, stain resedue may still get on other surfaces that we didn't intend for it to. This residue can include discoloration of the grass and other foliage, or light stains on the concrete. This is an unfortunate part of the process, but necessary to ensure the most complete coverage. There standard way of protecting the surounding areas is by applying a protective layer of soap, oil, or water and then rinsed off after staining is complete. There are some things that this will not work for and special care must be taken. For example, pools, ponds, cars, boats, and other important property. We can reduce the amount of impact by taking additional measures if desired.